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four people have been told and explode on fire. five people remain missing. they're now telling us fiber missing all the victims of been taken a possible entry and the your have been teeth of that fight. 37 homes destroyed, a conscious moderate damage estimates dot investigation continues. what investigators search i. for >> to do is the very first full day of investigation, the fed regulators cellist the they're
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taking it over, and not letting another agency takeover. for all the information at this point is getting from them. there seems to be more questions than answers. they're starting to understand things a little bit better as they put together the very first short pieces >> federal investigators began the long process of finding out why this happened >> this really emphasize the magnitude was occurred here. >> his giant cheung grover ground with such great force, the same dimensions of olympic swimming pool. >> since i know because the soil
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is is an unstable. we do not want put anyone in there to measure. >> investigators investigators thought of assault solid piece patchwork of smaller pieces. >> we now have to dig deeper to determine why they're repeat little segments of pipe, on this 28 ft. piece of pie. >> say this too early to a guest of this play a role the failure. there was no automatic shut off on this fight. no mechanism i could stop the leak. detective. the only warning was the smell. for >> that again, is part of our investigation. , top to look into these allegations that people were small in this type. >> federal investigators are looking to hear from anyone who might have had small that by.
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they are establishing an e-mail address. if you know anything they do one hear from you no matter how small this. . people >> in san bruno want answers about this explosion. the largest fog coming. today they had the opportunity to talk to pg&e spokesperson and others of town hall form. the questions was one they could go home. live from san bruno, they're beginning to get some idea? >> many people let us answer will be soon. , at this hour 3074 houses are evacuated. those folks can a good pass this marker here. the explosion happened quarter from mile down that way. were standing at the
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intersections and progress more drive. good news, is that a lot of those families is pleased to becoming down soon, and those families will be allowed to go back to their homes by me explain to you how the entry plan will work. building inspectors have inspected all homes, green is good, bread is bad. authorities gave a green tag to 315 houses, means there's no apparent damage as to the house. families can move back into their homes, aunts on monday. 10 houses did get a yellow tag, please saucers' loss for those families to their homes to pick up some belongings and a score of the mall, there 49 houses with red tags, those families are pretty much alike. there will not be allowed back anytime soon. those red tagged homes were either
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destroyed or how extensive damage. i talked to one home order whose house was red tag. >> is fertile, my wife is pregnant i'm trying to do things. we transfer or without future holds for us. >> day-to-day evacuees came to this board here to see if their houses were tagged in their green, yellow or red. they're saying the city of standard will hold another press conference sunday morning in a clock, that is when they will give the media and all the homeowners the detail about exactly when those folks to raton home to the green tag coast. live in san bruno donna lynn sent kron4 news. if >> you're looking at the scene were 37 homes were destroyed, eight homes are damaged like this building, lot of people have to start over again. congressman jack spare offered this advice. >> first thing they need to do
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free take property, that has been damaged and dove into a dumpster is to take pictures for sure, you should also check with your insurance carrier to see whether or not they need a visual inspection, by their adjusters. before you do away with whatever that was damaged as you're waiting to go back into your homes, in your mind or on paper should say, you should go through an inventory of all the things, that you have lost our that have been damaged. when you're being reimbursed, you're going have to make a case for everything. just because you have a certain amount money for personal effects, that this me with the switch again, >> dozens of people remain homeless tonight, although they are getting help. they do talk
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with the volunteer about the variety of people pitching in. >> if back inside the local assistance center in san bruno. donation of goods continue to pile up, boxes and boxes of clothing baby formula, farcy its diapers. but is not just i those people are donating, they are donating their time. in caring people like jerry like cher, who are all these people carry. >> some of the mark kids, the work of the summer camp here and have been called in to help for the weekend. if some sense out and e-mail tenacity to come back to help. some of them have come back from college, and ordered held for the weekend. some of them belong to a of the neals club, which is part of the lines organization, it's a service organization. but digital survey, of the kids that are working here and ask which group they with, most said they are
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not with the group they're just here because they want to help. if they want to be part of the sport in their community. >> says a lot about the kids in san bruno >> it does it does. just >> one of hundreds and hundreds of volunteers here doing anything they can help the volunteers and sired by victims. >> this explosion has said piccinni stock tumbling. it closed a more than a 44.21. it dropped over $4. decline of 8.35% this they find out that pg&e was responsible in any way stocks are expected to drop further. >> lots of eighties for highs this afternoon san jose high of 87, made up into the '90s for the east bay, sent to cisco 575. these temperatututututututututu5 degrees for a we saw yesterday.
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tomorrow seems to begin cooler again. the sea breeze is forecasted to and testify and also dropped temperatures. offshore winds will bring a lot of fog. that will keep that cooling trend going and the fog will be in place for the rest of the week along with mild temperatures. i will have the rest the forecast rate coming up. >> still have a, a former olympian tells how he barely escaped with his life after the gas explosion. new information about the string of murders in the east bay. people across the nation remember 911 the story still had on kron4 news.
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the gas line explosion with barbara boxer.
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>> the texas attorney the scene in the spots, is take a closer look at the scene and what needs to be done. boxer's move was solomon should talk with investigators about the damage of a possible cause. she also talked about the age of the gas line. since the more than half a century old. >> inaudible >> boxer was heading out and tossed and what a barricade quoins. the tour included looking at the blowpipe, and mineola tight homes that are too risky to enter. while residents with their chances to get into the area. boxer says that there will do or thing they can under the federal emergency agency. >> we more things up today, but we have cooler temperatures for sunday. i will have a forecast
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three coming up.
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we have clear skies over the city, and the entire bay area with some fog beginning to roland to center says copeland. temperatures in the '70s for waller creek '60s for vallejo and san jose, the fog is not to go too far into the bay tonight to because it is shallow. but look for some around fog around 6:00 a.m. and san francisco and oakland. and some fog also for the santa rosa area as well as the petaluma at fog is forecast to clear away very quickly according to fog tracker here. about 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. it should hang out around coaster on the entire day, cloudy conditions of the beach. for sunday. then with a
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strong sea breeze, the clouds of the fog roll in free quickly for tomorrow evening. possibly, as soon as 80 9:00 p.m.. temperatures with the intense degrees, are going to be cooler tomorrow for sixties hear about the coast, sentences for we had a high as 75 today, but 67 tomorrow. 76 fred would city, offers '60s the low seventies for berkeley the oakland union city to a high of 74 degrees. the warmer spots of the '90s into the eighties. 85 in danville at wells concord, and check 587 degrees. all of the blue skies and the south bay, temperatures below average in the mid to upper '70s. san jose high's 78 degrees. here's a 70 around the bay, lots of fog on monday take a while the clear. resolve the cooler temperatures and not much change day-to-day for next week. a persistent
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pattern in place, and delicate the fog in the morning, sunshine in the afternoon rally to the mild temperatures. upper 60s los '70s bay ladies in land. kathryn >> former olympic shot putters one of the home is one of the people whose homes book and the gas line explosion. greg was home when this happened, and his house was really pretty much right next to the explosion site. you could see that he was injured, in fact he said third degree burns to his head our legs, i have to have plastic surgery on one of his years. his wife and daughter were not home of the time, he was nice enough to talk to us today about what happened on thursday night. >> so service and a football, i was sitting in a recliner and i just happen to get up to start to walk to the kitchen. before i got to the kitchen at the house exploded, and all my floors
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popped straight up in three straight and the air. and when up against the wall. got up, who ran to my backsliding lessor, saw that my hot tub and everything was on fire, i thought a plane had crashed to the house i had no idea what happened. open the door and the black smoke came in and nailed me, as soon as it hit me i distraught, i had to get out of. some back to the front door, susette popped open in explode in my face, the door and i fell back. i saw these about my house on fire, so i ran upstairs to the top of my house to get some issues on after, started to my shoes on looked up and the whole top of the house was on fire. i ran downstairs open the door slowly, all this asphaltum rocks was a shooting in the may, shot found it jumps out. i
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ran outside these were on fire about me. in turn told my left because i want to know my neighbors to see if i get hell. as soon as it turned to my left i just felt my body starts to mall. i just to know what to do, was freaking out. and my close friends with anybody, i just knew that this was palladian realize people, and just effective me tremendously. so i ended up turning the other way, and sprinted up the street my arms are melting on the back of my neck, everything was falling, about half with the street. and i started about i thought there is a drop, i thought about kicking the door money into the house, but it was on fire in a thin was burning up everywhere. the grass on the lawn had to be over hundred and 50 degrees. my shoes melted, kick them off and ran with no shoes thrust away. i found a said to myself i can't hear no more. i just officer walking. i
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couldn't deal with that. i turned to my left, and i saw this man when my neighbor's house to babies in his hands, and he's running up the street as back of his lecture bleeding everywhere, nobody was saying anything no words, no get out, it was shot. i've never experienced anything like this all. this was the most amazing thing i've ever experienced. i just know that one more minute i thought this could be over. >> with all the views and for we're grateful but he was willing to talk to us he was at the '88 seoul olympics. adams was a star quarterback at stake here he is now playing at canadian football league. everything that they is locked everything has lost the fire. stay with us police investigation more news after this.
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as governor, he cut waste got rid of the mansion and the limo budgets were balanced. $4 billion in tax cuts. world class schools and universities. clean energy promoted. 1.9 million new jobs created. california was working. i'm jerry brown. california needs major changes. we have to live within our means; we have to return power and decision making to the local level-closer to the people and no new taxes without voter approval.
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jerry brown the knowledge and know-how to get california working again.
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people will be without any access for a while. they will have access to the web, but that's and that's thanks to at&t. >> nothing more important to fire victims of food and clothing, is the ability to communicate. obviously many of those people lost their home offices and a loss of computer hardware, semigloss yourself bonds. hear a sigh local assistance center december now is 18 teetered the rescue. there are offering free internet access 11 different languages, their offering lower cell phones, to people within the facility. on this table they have laptops are people use. in a this american red cross volunteer checking for e-mail in donations. the book and watch tv on here, what round a corner. you'll notice people using these
9:27 pm
laptops of pre of cooler to get that satellite view of the burdens of the home. while we're waiting for the green light to go back on. at&t offering free internet access. but also they say they're trying to do the right thing in the time and need. in san bruno kron4 news. >> i'm jonathan lynn, live in san burglar or the national transportation safety board this fiery disaster looking for answers. we will tell you what they found coming up next. answers. we will tell you what they found coming up next. at? you got time to earn more on your savings, online at that's new school banking, baby! instead of earning squatootski... your savings will be earning three times the national average. now, let's review. capital one interestplus savings... at three times more. go to what's in your wallet? are you a pisces?
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is the latest of what we know the gas line explosion, four people have been killed. five people remain missing tonight, all the victims have been taken to a loss for treated in the are have been identified. 37 homes have been destroyed, a holmes had moderate damage. as for the investigation john for jonathan blum is live in san bruno.
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johnson the numbers are fluctuating, the number of people they know there were children missing, of those numbers could change in today >> they certainly did, but the national transportation safety board spoke with us today was our should focus on a different set of numbers, that is the numbers of the magnitude of the explosion that happened underneath the street because the huge wall flame. new show is a video of the pipe that actually burst of the ground, this is a 28 ft. long piece of pipe, that actually create a hole in the ground the size of an olympic swimming pool. they can't even tell how deep it is, because the bottom of the pit is a and 6 stable and unsafe and an investigator down there. despite his become the center of the investigation, because clues' lie on locking the reason why this happened. investigators thought it was a solid piece of metal, but now learning this type is a patchwork of smaller
9:31 pm
pieces. here's what they said about it. >> we also fell in some kurds wells within the 28 ft., which tells the piece of pipe was made up of smaller segments of pipe, so that opens up another avenue of investigation, namely to determine why that segment of pipe had subsegments. >> the ntsb, also found also that pipe was not equipped shot of gels, dolls are manual, there's no automatic mechanism to cut the gas off, when the leak occurred. however people did say the small gas coming out the ground. they are investigating reports that they asked pg&e about it to see if there is report. there was more people come for, they've established a special e-mail sandbur know what the ntsb doggo. please report back to us
9:32 pm
in the in information they have. jonathan lynn kron4 news. >> johnson indicated, the piccinni crews are inspecting the damage, they're trying determine what building roads and other infrastructure intact. pg&e has almost $1 billion and fire insurance to cover incidents like this explosion, but the l.a. times is reporting that that may not be enough. the special of the investigation finds the company negligence some way in updating the pies. residents again, said they had been selling gas in the area each year spokesman said that she will review any contact again about gas wells. >> we have we have the ability to go back to review every single college catalog any of the issues or problems that came in in the action taken. none of
9:33 pm
the trans national transportation safety board ntsb is here that they will be conducting that investigation. we will be turning over all records and in formation to see that this happens. because we will know, we won know what happen every bit as much as you do. >> of course the neighborhood in san burner just devastated by the explosion. ruined buildings, cars and roads to line the streets. it really does hit hard when you looked at before and after photos. this new kind agree neighborhood, turned into a dark blue knee area just a waste land. you can see piles the ash or homes once stood, this is the epicenter of the explosion. the area being examined to see how safe is for people to return there. or when they can return there. that is the big question from residents, when they could go back. we did get some answers and kron4 is dahlin join us live.
9:34 pm
>> capture many of those families, will be allowed home tomorrow sunday, were talking about 315 families. now that's a good news. but not everyone is so lucky. about 60 families found at the their homes have either been destroyed, or have extensive damage and they do not know what will happen. >> all day saturday coming back police came to this board is to disallow home left. and for a lot of these people returning home means getting their lives back together, and starting the healing process. >> i'm just happy that everything still there. >> couple of the evacuees have bandages wrapped around and, they confirmed what they feared their home gone. too emotional to talk and dramatize about their skin, these two young woman simply walked away. wondering what it will be next. for those whose homes are still intact, brno city officials will allow them to return home soon.
9:35 pm
inspectors have tags 374 houses, they gave three and 15 tags green tags that those homes the parents have no apparent damage. those families can go back sunday. 10 homes received a yellow tag, those homes have some damage, people can only go back to the houses belonging to leave. there 49 house with red tags, those homes are either destroyed or how extensive damage. this couple found out their house was red tie, they do not know when they go back. >> we have three young kids my wife is pregnant, we're trying to do deal with things. it is challenging. if >> they're thankful they still have each other, because the fire killed a couple of their neighbors. the evacuees still don't know what kind of be allowed back into their homes, so the city of san byrne will
9:36 pm
have another press conference a o'clock sunday to talk about exactly what hoping for an all work. live in san vernal. >> here's what we know about the people killed in the explosion, at least four people died, three people have been identified. the victims that have been identified include a mother and daughter. you're looking at a picture of 41 year-old jacqueline craig and her daughter to nasa great. she worked for the section which has been reviewing p&g plans to upgrade and other risky section of the same gas line. just a one to sing sicilian school in san francisco. she is remembered by preset her church is very well- liked. she and her mother were home when the blast hit. two other family members were attending a back-to-school event. 20 rolled just come morales also got an explosion. she apparently had been at a boyfriend's house. they're going
9:37 pm
to watch a football game on tv you're looking a photo both of them. her boyfriend was very badly burned. he tried desperately to save for but could not. 19 year-old shows is there in the sky lit college, his toss flies tonight. in critical condition. look at this surveillance tape, first few moments after the blast. people are beginning to run, a move for the door, a solemn just line on the floor ducking for cover. customers and employees alike call we just signed an and frightened. and wondering what was going on a what they just heard. >> it's a mild evening with temperatures in the '60s and the spots, warmest in east bay where were in the '70s. concord checking in at 74 degrees set in san roof fell 55% francisco,
9:38 pm
mainly clear sky with patchy fog swirling into the bay tonight. from midnight tonight, mostly clear was some fog, inside the bait. a lot fog at the close, tomorrow morning will start to slow a bit of scattered cloudiness, bayside santoses broken. perhaps qingdao's part the san mateo bridge. but that will be out by about 80 on. sunshine for the rest of the day. seabury's is going to be stronger, that will drop temperatures for sunday. alicia know how warmer will get coming up. >> people across the country pause today remembering the tragedy that change the u.s. for. looking how people remember tragedy that change the u.s. for. looking how people remember the victims of violent attacks.
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lots of us are sick or hurt we have four times as many emotional problems as other kids i'll have to move over and over again. i'm twice as likely to drop out of high school. there's a 50-50 chance i'll end up homeless. not everyone can be a foster parent but anyone can help a foster child.
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today marks the ninth anniversary of the september love of the tax. san brandos, shows how the victims were
9:42 pm
remembered. >> the sound of the bell marks a 40 6:00 a.m., when american airlines had the north tower of the trade center. and the nation was strange for ever. at ground zero, were work continues at a permanent memorial. people gathered on saturday to pay tribute to the 3000 lives lost on several levels. when 19 had doctors to go before commercial airlines and those planes crashed into the world trade center, pentagon and shanks of pennsylvania. in washington president barack obama, >> this is a day of remembrance, a day of reflection. >> in shang's so first lady michelle bauman at first lady and more borscht operator remember is for the 40 victims the paris aboard united flight 93. this open field is where the
9:43 pm
plane crossed the shanks of pennsylvania, construction is on its way for a permanent memorial. they hope to the first stage will be completed by the 10th anniversary. meanwhile florida pastor said that his church will not burn pop copies of the kron4. terry jones went to new york and hopes to convince the builders of an islamic center to move its product away, blocks from ground zero. in shanks the lamps and brando. >> temperatures are warmer today, in the '80s and '90s. it is for the cooler for sunday i will have the forecast for you coming up.
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rid of the mansion and the limo he cut waste got budgetwere balanced. $4 billion in tax cuts. world class schools and universities. clean energy promoted. 1.9 million new jobs created. california was working. i'm jerry brown. california needs major changes. we have to live within our means; we have to return power and decision making to the local level-closer to the people and no new taxes without voter approval. jerry brown the knowledge and know-how to get california working again.
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tivoli identified. the body of the 35 year-old was discovered in the same homehercules police say they have to death.
9:47 pm
the home at about 3:00 p.m. said where in the house the body a search at a bay point landfill for the remains of 35- year-old of ricardo sales and has notpolice say efren valdemoro is the prime suspect in the older man's death. he's also and of his girlfriend cindy killed valdemoro in richmond on august 31st.kron 4 crews are at the hercules home. stay tuned to kron 4 and for the latest on this developing story. was three uc-berkeley prejudice is not going to be in release. plaza bank council to release this hiker. officials earlier said that she would release today, as a gesture of goodwill to mark the end of ramadan. judicial officials us up and said that legal precedents are not completed for this will not happen yet. this suggests infighting within officials there. families are particular worried about her, she has a precancerous condition that needs treatment. >> clear skies tonight, just a
9:48 pm
few clouds rolling into the bay for this evening. not much of the sea breeze whatsoever, that is keeping things will a war for tonight. we had seven days for pleasanton saratoga 68 degrees. richmond school or a 55 and 51 at ocean beach. tomorrow the beaches, more clouds that think and some cooler temperatures will be in the low to mid '60's, but mostly cloudy in the morning and some bricks of sunshine in the afternoon the fog will be pretty stubborn of the coast tomorrow. essentially the fog if all making into a tire bay area for tomorrow night. restarting temperatures often the '50s, with mainly clear skies just a few clubs. san francisco oakland, 40's and the zero north bait. throughout the day things a warm-up to a low to mid '80s. perhaps close to 84% away. and generally 60s and low
9:49 pm
to mid '70's. near the bay. for the north bay, we will see a couple things like napa and sonoma. 76 and roof fell, everybody about cooler 510 degrees. it was a nice day today though. 75 with site 76 for redwood city and 60s and low 740 short period with union city topped out at 74, fremont 75 and today around 90 in the east bay ballet smart cooler in the order about 5 degrees. concord the high of 85. south bay pretty nice, upper seventies from cupertino to saratoga to campbell. 82 morgan hill. here's a kron470 around the bay. more fog starting on monday, extensive calls take awhile to clear. temperatures will cool down some more for the rest of the week. look at for persistent pattern, temperatures not
9:50 pm
fluctuating generally low to mid '80s in land love high sixties to low '70s around the bay. >> some residents and will not be allowed back into the area with a gasp line exploded. the process will begin tomorrow. one owner ignore the current police he walked past the barricades. he feared just let him go in. he had been allowed an earlier, but we came in the office box of officers were not let him go back. officers radioed police let him inside those he was coming. no word if he was detained. we talked to this man today who worked at the deli of about a mile from the explosion. he said that is home was destroyed, although his family managed to escape unharmed. >> i am at the store, my whole family was at the house. my
9:51 pm
father and my grandfather, just walking 200 m where things that happened. they just ran away. inaudible there screaming and rocky way. they are fine. my mother and grandmother and my uncle and aunt for in the house. when they heard a loud blast, and the houses were on fire. they ran away from the house. lecky everyone is safe. a think my house is all gone, there's something left just a fireplace is standing there. everything is gone. but the best part is my family's fine. >> those people who remain homeless, hundreds of volunteers are trying to help, here's a look at how bay area people are pitching in. >> the generosity of those try to help fire victims are truly overwhelming. center. both sides
9:52 pm
of the sidewalk, or lined with hundreds and hundreds of boxes of clothing. even the boxes have been donated it from the home depot and office depot. all matter of clothing. all manner shoes, etc.. more of course and the victims of a fire going to need, but the relief organizations say will not always. this will be put to good use down the road. what they say is really new is cash and blood. in san bruno kron4 news. >> every look, you see some branch of service that is try and help people from the red cross, two insurance companies, to cash a check the nation's as supplies. that includes volunteers from all over the bay area. hundreds of and taking
9:53 pm
time out on the weekend to help those in need. i feel good, but at the same token i feel very sad for the people who've lost so much. >> support for the family members come from everywhere. , there try to help find a place to assist state and help the people of loss of one tariff >> at the salvation army thrift store collection center, these people of the lining up to make donations for victims of the center no explosion of normally takes into days to develop one truck, but the end of business today they have filled up six trucks with the nations. so the most needed items are clothing and furniture. especially for the people who've lost everything. this facility usually close at 6:00, there extending our satyr not clock to take all the donations and appeared dec. no dating ruin of kron4 news. >> you can see the damaged area,
9:54 pm
so cordon off. this once a nice neat era of 1960's eros home, now looking like a wasteland. stay with us will be my back with more after this.
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9:57 pm
you can log on to kron4 for any information about red cross how can volunteer. the dollar to the homes that have been destroyed. looking at the weather, cooler to mar a question >> 5 to 10 degrees cooler tomorrow sea breezes and the crank up, the '60s in san francisco '70s by the bay, san as a close 80 degrees, and mid to upper eighties in the east
9:58 pm
bay. >> thanks for joining us and everyone will we dot the love >> thanks for joining us and everyone will we dot the love and hope to see you then. ♪ [ child ] run! [ man ] first it was the mailbox. then my squirrel. and now, this. so i used my points to make a donation to get the park down the street built. when it finally opened, i also used my points for... car repair. [ male announcer ] use your citi thankyou points for almost anything, even local charities. what's your story? citi can help you write it. lots of us are sick or hurt we have four times as many emotional problems as other kids i'll have to move over and over again. i'm twice as likely to drop out of high school. there's a 50-50 chance i'll end up homeless.
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not everyone can be a foster parent but anyone can help a foster child.

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